Counselling in Schools specialises in providing therapy and counselling in a school setting.
Our counsellor is qualified and has been trained by organisations offering recognised accreditation for counsellors.
Counselling practice is in accordance with the ethics and Code of Conduct of our training organisations, or accrediting body and with statutory legislation. We work in co-operation with the school’s Child Protection Policy, following the Kirklees Child Protection and Safeguarding guidelines.
At any particular time, many children might need extra emotional support beyond the normal pastoral care offered by their teachers. Schools today often have all sorts of professionals in them who aim to help children and their families. Many schools may have adults such as Learning or Behavior Mentors. Schools also use the traditional external services of Behavior Support, Educational Psychology, and School Health Services. Despite all this extra support, many of these workers are identifying children who have emotional and psychological needs that require even more specialist help.


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