Students of Other Faiths

- At Zakaria Muslim Girls High School (ZMGHS) we welcome non-Muslim students into our school. Our aim is to take great care of all students and visitors of different faiths in our school.

- At ZMGHS we treat each and every student as an individual, regardless of faith and background. Our goal is to ensure that our students become highly qualified, well- rounded British citizens who aspire to achieve their best and are able to give back to the community and contribute to the community in a positive manner.

- We shall do all we can to accommodate and serve students of all faiths and none. We shall aim to accommodate the worship and prayer needs of students from different faiths. We encourage parents to discuss any particular or specific faith needs as part of the induction and admission process. NO student is forced to take part in worship or prayers at the school.


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Contact us

  • Telephone: 01924 444 217
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Address: 111 Warwick Road Batley West Yorkshire WF17 6AJ